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#1 Theme for 2015


It is the time again…. to set your intention and theme for the year or the quarter.  In the past I have done a year… this year I am thinking that I will do it quarterly.  So many things happen and change during the year and I believe that evolving and adapting as the year goes by keep me focused on my vision!

Last year,  “Creation & Movement” , yes.  There were so many things that I randomly manifested for myself, it was sorta crazy.  And many would look at my year and think that I was quite successful.  Yes, there were many areas that were good.  But I had this nagging feeling that I was not moving in the direction that I needed to be going for my own personal growth.   I don’t personally feel that this year was great.   I believe that a lot of it was because I was…. am stepping into a new level of personal power and leadership.  Some was the time was not quite right and some was because I was not quite ready, but every day I took small actions in the direction of my vision.

This year I have faith that the universe is leading me in the correct direction.

My theme for the first quarter is Bodacious!

As Mary Foley says, “I define it as “the courage to be in charge of your life.” I love the word bodacious because it captures a positive spirit of freedom, choice and being all you can be.”

I believe this represents we teach here on Sacred Earth Partners and is in completely Alignment with our Manifesto “your permission slip to live life on your own terms”

What is your theme?  Here is how you can find your word for the year:

Review or re-evaluate your core values to ensure you are coming from a place of purpose and alignment.
Step 1. Brainstorm words, ideas, thoughts. Free write anything that comes to mind.
Step 2. Ask yourself if any of these words speak to you, if you can feel them.
Step 3. Review all the words you have written, review the meanings of each of the words.
Step 4. Meditate and pray, allow the words speak to you.

Let you word bring you into a higher vibration, let your word empower you, let your word motivate you toward your ideal year.