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10 Quick Healthy Motivational Tips

These are short and sweet and implementing just a couple will leapfrog you to success!

  1. keep your gym stuff in the car or at work
  2. make an appointment with yourself
  3. make an date with a friend
  4. make a list of your reasons for making changes
  5. practice meditation or visualization to conquer stress
  6. sign up for a class or a race, nothing like the roar cheers of friends
  7. avoid your triggers, elimination is easier than conquering
  8. take a power nap, every one needs a little extra energy
  9. find some friends and track your progress
  10. get educated, read, take a class, join a club

The plan I follow that is the most successful for me is getting up early and getting me works out first thing, there are no distractions to keep me away my commitment!

Then I can go about my day with organized eating plan and create my success!

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