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100 Day Challenge: the last one for 2015

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing


Oh what and adventure it has been!  The biggest news is that I have moved! And started an awesome new project, life is always interesting and you never know what will come up.

I have moved to Burnaby, BC and started working on a Knowledge Management project for a great company. I have always really enjoyed working in Information Technology and the opportunity to work on a project where all day I am helping other people create great content is cool.  While it is not the same as the content you would see on my website it is important content that improves customer services and adds a TON of value.

I also have a great opportunity to hone my leadership skills, sometime I have wanted to start writing more about.  It is like it was meant to be!

It took me a little longer than I expected to get moved and back to a normal schedule.  But it gave me time to really look at the important things that I want in that schedule.  It allows me to create space for other areas of my life.   I always have multiple projects on the go… nothing has really changed there.  🙂

I am the kind of person that thrives on change, embraces every part of it, but it took me an extra week to really get back into the flow… what helped?
100 Day Challenge.

It gave me something to focus on, allowed me to set the stage for the next year and more specifically the next 100 days.

Here is the process:

I looked at 3 different major areas, these ones either are areas that I love to work or really need some improvement.  I selected health, personal growth and business.

  • Health: release 20 lbs
  • Personal Growth: 1-in person spiritual retreat, 1-personal growth course, 1-career focused certification
  • Business:  2- full packages

Let’s break it down:

Health: My Why – 1) to stay healthy so I can live to be 125 yrs. 2) look good 😉  It has been a while since I focused in this area and well it needs it.  I want to get myself back into triathlon shape for next season.  There are a lot of fun activities here, that you need to be in good condition for, I plan on exploring it all!

Personal Growth: My Why – while I read a lot and do a lot of interesting course online, I really want to part part in more experiences, so a in personal retreat will allow for that.  I am always looking to add the knowledge and skills that I have, I am a sponge!  I am committed to finishing all the courses that I have already bought LOL and I want to shore up my career opportunities.

Business: My Why – cos no matter what happens, I have important knowledge to share, so I will always continue to work on projects for Sacred Earth Partners.  Regular writing/newsletters, Thought Evolution AND writing more books/courses, the top priorities.   I thought about this a lot, I have a habit of more and more… so this time I wanted to do “deeper”  I am picking 2 topics that I already have worked on and create more depth.  The topics are Reflections of a Goddess and Self Care Mindset.

The Plan:

Health: 1)Primal 21 Day Challenge, repeated for the 100 days. This is a diet and workout plan.

Personal Growth: Something local, still looking, Your Create A Financially Thriving Divine Feminine Business and PRINCE2 Foundation

Business: Each topic will be reviewed and revamped accordingly  – Update Kindle Book, Create paperback, Create a Journal/Workbook, Webinar (1hour), Full Course (5 hours), Coaching

As you might imagine this is a pretty tight schedule, which I am looking forward to.  It allows me to focus on getting it done.   I have committed to getting out of the house at least once a week to explore something new in the city as well.


Phew!  that is what the next 100 days looks like for me… love for you to join me to create awesomeness before the year end.