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13 Bloggers Share the Best Part of having a Lifestyle Business

One of the Main themes here at Sacred Earth Partners is to share the journey to create your Dream Lifestyle Business.   Whether you want to say you are Following your passions, Creating your dream lifestyle or Find freedom from your J.O.B., we are all looking for that special freedom that allows us to choose EVERY single day what we want to be, have or do.

So I went and asked some of my fav bloggers!  What better way to get to the bottom of our question?!?!

I asked each person:

  1. What is the aspect you love most about having a lifestyle business?
  2. Are there any bad things?

Here are the responses:

Mary Jaksch

 What I love the most about having a lifestyle business is that I can support others in creating the life they want. I enjoy creating content that people can put into practice – and that can really make a difference.

The downside is that I tend to work much more than I would if I was employed. I keep having to make sure I don’t neglect the fun side of life.

Mary’s Contact info:  Twitter / Facebook / Google+ /
Website: www.goodlifezen.com and www.alistbloggingbootcamps.com

Corbett Barr

My favorite part of owning a business is the freedom I have to choose what I want to work on. I’ve gotten to the point where having fun and enjoying what I do is the biggest aspect of making business decisions. That is priceless.
As for “bad” things, yes of course, running a business isn’t all unicorns and rainbows, but to me all the blood, sweat and tears are absolutely worth it.

Corbett’s Contact info:  Twitter / Facebook / Google+ /
Website: www.corbettbarr.com and  www.thinktraffic.net

David Risley

I love the fact that I don’t have to report to anybody and can set my own terms. I also like having my income depend on my ingenuity and execution, and not on “serving my time”, as is the case with so many jobs.

Of course, that’s also the “bad thing”, because paychecks aren’t guaranteed and you have to make things happen otherwise income dries up. 🙂

David’s Contact Info: Twitter / Facebook / Google+ /
Website: www.davidrisley.com

Colin Wright

I love the freedom that I enjoy every single day. Whatever my priorities, whatever my philosophical leanings, whatever lifestyle experiments I want to run and however much time I want to waste, I can. It’s a heady feeling, when I stop to think about it (and I do stop to think about it, because I can!).

(Bad things…)You miss out on certain aspects of pop culture, for sure. Water-cooler chats can disappear, as can certain situational relationships (coworkers and such). The tradeoffs and more than worth it, though!

Colin’s Contact Info: Twitter / Facebook / Google+
Website: www.exilelifestyle.com


Yaro Starak

 The aspect I love the most about having a lifestyle business is freedom of choice. It’s the freedom to do what you what, when you want to, wherever you want to. You can travel, choose what projects you work on and how long you do so.

The “bad” part you might say, is as a result of this freedom you need the discipline to actually do the work. You can choose not to work, but eventually the income dries up!

Yaro’s Contact Info: Twitter / Facebook /
Website: www.entrepreneurs-journey.com


Brian Gardner

The best thing about having a lifestyle business for me is the flexibility in work schedule. I can make my own hours, work from any location I want to and also take time off when I have things I need to do.

Brian’s Contact Info: Twitter / Facebook / Google+ /
Website: www.StudioPress.com


Kathleen Gage

What I love most about having a lifestyle business is just that, a lifestyle of my choosing. With the right focus, vision and commitment and am at liberty to live where I want, work when I want, with whom I want.
Through the business I have created I am able to serve my market in ways I only once had hoped for. I can impact those who know their life’s work is to impact their market in a positive, conscious and loving way.

There is a new economy many entrepreneurs are embracing. It is the economy that allows us to create the life and business we once only dreamed of.

The downside is to realize not everyone is ready to embrace this mindset and most people, due to their own belief system, will never embrace their full potentiality.

It starts with the belief that the status quo is no longer applicable. Then comes the vision, the plan and the action. From there, it is holding in check what we know to be true and possible.

Kathleen’s Contact Info: Twitter / Facebook / Google+ /
Website: www.kathleengage.com


 Henri Junttila

If I have to name one thing, I’d say it’s the freedom to do what I want. I can spend my time how I want. I can be wherever I want in the world, and I basically get to decide what goes on.

The worst thing would be uncertainty. You just never know what’s going to happen, but in a way, it’s only bad if you frame it that way.

Henri’s Contact Info: Twitter / Facebook / Google+ /
Website: www.wakeupcloud.com


Terri Levine

What I love is the freedom it gives me to live my life and spend time with my family and friends and my foundation and also with my self.

There is no negative. There are only blessings.

Terri’s Contact Info: Twitter / Facebook / Google+ /
Website: www.TerriLevine.com


Mars Dorian

I luv the fact that you can work on whatever you want, whenever you want. You have total freedom in structuring your career, and you only need a notebook to reach the whole world. That blows me away like a tsunami.

Sure, it takes a lot of INSANE commitment and sweat, but I rather work like crazy than to have a nasty boss breathing down my spine and telling me what to do. Everything worthwhile comes with a sacrifice, and to create my own lifestyle, I do whatever it takes.

Mars’ Contact Info: Twitter / Google+ /
Website: www.marsdorian.com


Sam Spurlin

Everyone is going to say this — but flexibility. I like being able to work on my business whenever I decide to. Most of the time that means working on it early in the morning before I start my classes and school work. Sometimes, I’ll sneak in a little work during lunch or between classes. The point is that I can do the work whenever I want to do it — not when somebody tells me I need to do it.

At the same time, this is also something that can be bad. As a full time graduate student, it can be easy to let my school commitments overwhelm the work I need to do on my business. Because the work is so flexible I can sometimes get into the habit of not carving out the time in my schedule that it really needs (and deserves). While flexibility is great, sometimes I need to make my lifestyle business a little more inflexible in order to help it grow.

Sam’s’ Contact Info: Twitter / Facebook / Google+ /
Website: www.samspurlin.com


Thom Chambers

The ability to let life happen. When your work is a passion and a mission rather than a chore, you’re happy for it to be part of who you are rather than simply something you do. You’re happy to work every day, because work is more fun than fun.

And when you work every day, doing work that matters, you make progress. You get ahead, slowly, one day at a time.

So when the phone call comes from a friend who’s just visiting town for a day, you can meet up. When you get unseasonably great weather, you can spend the day outside. You can let life happen, rather than squeezing it in to little blocks of time on your evenings and weekends.

Work and play, in harmony.

You have to be patient. It will take time before your lifestyle business actually feels like it’s providing the lifestyle you want. There’s a lot of work to put in before you see any reward. You have to be willing to put in the hours, days, months, and years of groundwork first.

It’s worth it when things start to fall into place, though.

Thom’s Contact Info: Twitter Facebook /Google+ /
Website: www.mountainandpacific.com


Barrie Davenport

It’s hard to pin down the one aspect I love most about a lifestyle business — there are several! I love having the flexibility to work when and where I wish. I love being an entrepreneur and the satisfaction of building my own business. And I get tremendous satisfaction in helping people all over the world who are accessible through the Internet. It has opened a huge, new world for me.

The only downside is that it’s easy to get isolated. I have to make myself step away from the computer and go outside, go talk to a neighbor, call a friend. I miss the personal interaction that you often have in a “real” job. But the pros far, far outweigh the cons!

Barrie’s Contact Info: TwitterFacebook / Google+ /
Website: www.liveboldandbloom.com


Carrie Wilkerson

I love having a lifestyle business because that means it evolves as my life changes. So, instead of me having to adapt my life, my family and my goals around my ‘set business structure’ – I am able to adapt my business plans to an ever-evolving life! Being in control of your income is empowering and thrill while terrifying all at the same time, but I cannot imagine my life any other way!

Carrie’s Contact Info: Twitter Facebook / Google+ /
Website: BarefootExecutive.TV

I don’t know about you, but I loved connecting with these great bloggers!  I love to see that even though there are ups and downs and sometimes a LOT of  work, you can create life on your own terms!


My heart-felt THANKS goes out to every one that participated in this article!

31 thoughts on “13 Bloggers Share the Best Part of having a Lifestyle Business

  1. Now *that* was inspiring! I would like nothing better than to make a living through my blog, helping people rebuild their life and hopefully make a difference, but other things just seem to keep getting in the way. Reading what these people had to say certainly gave me a boost to blow the dust off my blog and breathe some life back into it. Ladies and gentlemen bloggers, thank you very much!

    1. Could not agree more… I was saying to my fiance the other day, all this effort and work is so that eveyday when I wake up I get to choose…  choose to work, choose to play, choose every aspect of my life!

  2. Nice nice selection. It’s good to see some familiar faces here – I’m always pleasantly surprised by the diverse answers people give. Makes the blogosphere (and the world for that matter) much more interesting.

    1. Completely, I feel really lucky to have people from all areas; coaches, bloggers, writers, teachers a wide range.   Lots of times it is easy to say, “I can’t do that, no one in my field is doing it”  But this shows really ANY one can do it if they set their mind.

  3. What a great inspiration to keep plugging away toward the goal of creating a sustainable online business. I wasn’t too surprised to read what these entrepreneurs had to say – but I always love the affirmation and reinforcement. Freedom, flexibility, and knowing you are making a difference in the world. That’s what it’s all about! Love your new blog design Lori! Beautiful and inviting.

  4. Great information Lori. Even though I’ve been living/working this way for almost 10 years it’s great to see other perspectives. For me its all about the freedom.

  5. I think that flexibility is something that most of us are seeking (whether we know it or not). You all did a great job of summing up some very key points for success. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Hi Lori,

    Loved this post. The bloggers you featured expressed so honestly the high points of having a lifestyle business, and the challenges. The freedom is priceless, but you do need to be willing to put in the time and effort, as well as practice the life lesson of patience. Great to learn about some new bloggers!

    1. Yes, I do agree! You have to put in the time and effort to get to the point where you have the freedom you want.

      Starting out with that specific in end mind will lead you to make the decisions about your business that you need to, to allow that to happen.

  7. Fabulous list. Know many but not all on the list. So it looks like I may have some more cool reading to do. 🙂
    Mahalo for putting this together as I know how much it takes to do all the research. It’s a great resource.
    Much Aloha to you.

  8. Fantastic! Makes me glad I choose to follow in their footsteps. As long as I don’t run out of money 🙂

  9. What a great group of people, Lori! Another awesome post from you.

    I think it’s the freedom to follow one’s own path that is common for most people. To be able to follow pursue your passion majority of the time, rather than evenings and weekends would be life changing.

  10. Hey, what a great idea! Instead of having a guest post (and an author is hard to find), include a number of quotes.

    I might use something like that myself. Right now I’m looking for stories written by people who have had Lyme Disease.

    My blog isn’t a business, yet, as you can imagine. But yes, blogs take a huge amount of time. M

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