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2 and 1/2 feet of Snow!

you definitely read that right.  today I walked around the yard and measured!  Now that is what is here after a few warm days.  We estimate that about 3 1/2 feet actually fell.  We are so thankfully that we haven’t had the cold weather that the east has had that is for sure.    Here are a few pictures of our winter so far!

We have a small deck on one side of the house and of course the house has a tin roof!  Never guess what I had to do… Yep, I had to shovel all the snow off.  2014-01-03 11.08.29 2014-01-03 11.08.32 2014-01-03 11.08.34 2014-01-03 11.08.37 2014-01-03 11.09.06

And when I was done…

2014-01-11 10.52.45

There is more snow there now, but certainly not as much.

Here are some random snow pictures:

2014-01-03 11.09.11 2014-01-03 11.09.21 2014-01-10 10.06.23

And last but not least… the picture today, this is an old wood shed.

2014-02-16 09.30.142014-02-16 09.30.24


Snowy adventures from our first winter here!






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