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#2 Case Study for Holistic Solopreneur

Ikes, A month has gone by already!  Now it is time to see what we accomplished.   I have too admit I was swamped with “stuff” in my personal life that didn’t allow me the time that I would have likes to work on this.   This is one of the MAIN reasons that my focus is on creating digital products that will sustain your business through the normal ups and downs of life!

Let’s get right to it.

Completed for May

  • Create a high value ebook and ecourse that can be given away as an incentive for signing up to the newsletter.
  • Create weekly high value blog articles that are sent out via the newsletter system.
  • Increase visitors to the website by 10%

I did get the ebook and ecourse put together and loaded into my autoresponder.   I added a really great pop-up to catch peoples attention.  I was a little short on articles, but I do have at least a dozen in draft that just need some polish and some details. okay… now for the numbers

Google Analytics For May 1 to May 31

May Stats for Holistic Solopreneur

This gives us a 15% increase for the month.    I did one guest post and routines posting on Facebook and Twitter.    45% of the traffic is directly from Google searches and 5% is from Facebook.  This is a pretty good start.


Hubspot’s Website Grader – May 31, 2011

Hubspot Website graders for Holistic Solopreneur

Website quality is moving up quickly, I like to see this, I believe by next month it will be 95% and we can move on to additional traffic based stats.


Newsletter & RSS Subscriptions – May 31, 2011

There are many schools of thought on which is better, a newsletter or RSS feed…. we are going to use them both.

By using Google’s Feedburner and Aweber together we can monitor the subscriptions to both at the same time.  This is actually really easy to do and in the near future I will do a tutorial on it.  With all subscriptions we are only looking at the trends not the exactly numbers, we don’t want to go crazy watching the numbers or anything like that!


Overall for a site that is just 2 months old it is doing well, but it is time to step it up!

Goals for June

  • one guest post, Four high value posts, Two ScreenCast/video post
  • Increase visitors to websites by 10%
  • Increase subscribers by 10%

This should be doable but will take a bit of work to get done… I am looking forward to working on it 🙂


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