2 – Installing WordPress

At this time you should have your domain registered and your web host has created your space and installed WordPress into your web space.

The registration we completed in 1 – Let’s Get Started is the web address or URL that we will be using from this point on.
Step 1 – You will open a web browser and go to your web site by typing your domain address in the address bar.

Step 2 – You will enter the name of your website or blog and your email address. Click Install WordPress.

This will only take a minute or two.  When the install is complete you will see the initial username and password appear on the screen, this information has also been sent to the email address you entered on the install step.

Step 3 – Click Log In button.

You will now see the Dashboard; this is where you will always start once you have logged in.

At the initial log in you will notice a message in red.  We highly recommend that you change this password immediately as a security precaution. And change it to a secure password that you will remember.  A secure password would have any combination of upper case, lowercase and numeric characters. Recommendation is 8-12 characters, but there is no restriction.

Step 4 – Click Yes, take me to my profile page. Scroll to the bottom to the New Password.

Step 5 – Enter your password twice.  You will notice a strength indicator this lets you know how secure WordPress feels your password is based on predetermined set of criteria. This does not stop you from using any password you wish, it is just a visual indicator.
Now Click the Dashboard link at the top of the page and you are ready to start configuring your WordPress website.

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