#2 Theme for 2015


Wow how fast did the first half of the year fly by?

I was thinking that I would create theme’s for each quarter, but it was not meant to be.  So here we are in the middle of the year.   I feel that I am just hitting my stride for the year, it is like everything is falling into place.

I have done a lot of different themes in the past… so what is calling to me this time is “Accelerate“, I want to step up and drive forward with everything in my life, put the pedal to the metal!

The Summer Sun has recharged my creative energy and there are several really fun projects on the go with many more planned.

Here’s is Kazzer’s Pedal to the Metal to get your blood pumping!

What is your theme? Here is how you can find your word for the year:

Review or re-evaluate your core values to ensure you are coming from a place of purpose and alignment.
Step 1. Brainstorm words, ideas, thoughts. Free write anything that comes to mind.
Step 2. Ask yourself if any of these words speak to you, if you can feel them.
Step 3. Review all the words you have written, review the meanings of each of the words.
Step 4. Meditate and pray, allow the words speak to you.

Let you word bring you into a higher vibration, let your word empower you, let your word motivate you toward your ideal year.