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27 Useful Resources for Learning About Guest Posting

27 Useful Resources for Learning About Guest Posting

Guest posting has been a theme for a few days now.  I suppose that I want to make sure that you understand the value of adding this to your marketing mix.  The value that you can gain is huge.   For example with this website, I have gone from a Page Rank of 1 to 3 in just 6 months.  That is a very good investment for sure and I am working hard to continue to climb higher.

I came across an EXCELLENT resource for helping your really put together some great article opportunities over on Cool Marketing Stuff  a big high five for putting together such a great list.  I have only been able to scratch the surface there is a lot of info included.  Here it is:

Writing guest posts on top blogs in your industry can be a great way to build awareness of your business by getting in front of new audiences, earn a link to your site, and get referral traffic. The following articles provide helpful information on how to effectively approach guest posting as a marketing tactic.

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging Kiss Metrics
-Review the type of people who have published guest posts on the site before.
-Your guest post should be similar in style to previously published guest posts.
-Share articles from the site on Twitter before you pitch a guest post so you are not a stranger.

5 Jaw Dropping Tips for Guest Posting Success Point Blank SEO
-If a blog owner asked for payment, explain that the article costs $120 to write and if they can waive the fee.
-Using a well written email template can be effective.

The Ultimate Guest Blogger’s Guide for 2013 Search Engine Journal
-Consider hiring a professional writer.
-Be willing to give away your best content as guest posts.

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