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3 Powerful and Simple Relaxation Strategies

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In the fast pace world we live in today, life can be very stressful with the bills, children and just everyday normal life wearing you down. Life will have turbulence and will disturb you often if you allow. You do not have control over most things in life, but you do have control of you.

We need to find a way to eliminate the stress through Power Relaxation.

Power Relaxation:

Power relaxation is a term used to describe the fountain of power within us that helps us regain control and allows us to relax. Life can bear strong weight on one’s shoulders.

In life we often deal with the unknown, which causes a person to feel overwhelmed. Fear of the unknown is the leading source of unwarranted stress. When a person wanders through life continuing to fear the unknown, changes, or what he or she has no control over, it builds stress, until it gradually leads to health problems. To avoid this stress, our mind has to take control and recognize the physical changes in the body.

Control the mind and body:

Stress is taking a high toll on millions of people. What happens is people give up, feeling hopeless due to the lack of control. Taking action is the start to controlling the mind and body. You have the power within to take control, yet you must learn to accept in order to gain control. Acceptance is a powerful word that guides one to success. When a person moves to accept what they can’t change, such as the unknown, only then can a person move to change what they can.

Music relaxes the soul:

Sometimes we have to look around our environment to find strategies to assist us find our internal power. Outside us are helpful tools including books, videos, audio, sound effects, music and so on.

Personally, in my experience music soothes the soul mores so than any other tool we have available. Different music works at different times, I recommend having a large varied selection to call on.

But, we are different, so you must find what soothes your soul.

For some visual aids, meditation movies or guided meditations with sound work to relax the mind, the sound effects bring in the ocean waves, relaxing your mind as you feel nature take control of your body. Nature is a powerful tool we can use to gain control.

Breathe into relaxation:

Breathe deep in and out slowly and concentrate on letting your mind drift taking with it your body. I like to breathe in for 5 counts and breathe out for 5 counts, very slowly. Think about lying on a soft cloud and you can hear the birds around you, smell the flowers and hear water running in the background.

Breathe, keeping it slow and deep, slowly forgetting about the stressful day, clear your mind. As you breathe slowly, you’ll begin to feel your body relaxing increasingly.

Your limbs might start feeling heavy on one side or even both sides. This is ok because they are beginning to go into the relaxation mode. Relaxation is now working its way through your body; and as it does it will let the blood flow more easily as it washes through each cell on the way. Keep breathing deep and slowly, allowing your inner power to take control and bring comfort along with it.

You’ll begin to feel more in control as the tension starts to let up. Letting your back relax and thinking about floating on that cloud you’ll soon feel a lot better. Relaxation will start to flow through your body taking some of the stress with the tension. As you relax, your breathing will start to change also by becoming more relaxed along with your body.

Alone and Quiet:

Look around your house find a place that you feel peaceful, maybe it is a chair in the corner of the living room. Maybe it is in the middle of your bed, with the sunshine pouring through the window or go outside and sit on the fresh green grass under a tree. Find a place where you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot lay or sit down be sure your leg and arms aren’t crossed and you’re comfortable at the same time. Now, just be alone!

You need to be comfortable to let your body release tension in order to eliminate some of the stress. It takes practice and time to learn how to relax but just take it slow. It becomes easier with more practice and the easier it becomes the more stress you’ll be able to get off your mind.

Now you can start relaxing.

Continuous Practice:

When learning new relaxation strategies you need to make a few small changes in your daily routine. I like to call these Inspired Actions. Take time out for yourself to enjoy your new relaxed feeling and you’ll soon feel better and happier. Getting rid of some of that stress and relaxing makes a world of difference on a person’s life. By practicing these strategies daily you will learn to draw your power from your own inner power reserve.

I like to start my day with at least one of these strategies; it just adds such a feeling of peace and power that keeps you in perfect balance. Knowing you have the ability to control how you are going to feel each day regardless of the stress, unknown or challenges that come your way… that is an amazing feeling!

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