Holistic Solopreneur

#4 Case Study for Holistic Solopreneur

Phewwww…. Summer time, and a very big excuse for not getting much done!  🙂   But I am okay with that, I set up to create a business that works around me.   So I am working around my travel schedule and we will do what we can.  Don’t you just love talking in the third person, makes you sound so “royal” tee hee.

OKay on to the stats for the month:

Completed for June

  • New Sign-up Graphic – Completed
  • one guest post and 6 high value posts. – 4 posts completed this month.
  • Increase visitors to websites by 25% – steady state
  • Increase subscribers by 10% – steady state

Google Analytics For July 1 to July 31

No increase for the month but stayed steady, I am okay with that.

Hubspot’s Blog Grader – Aug 1, 2011

Yes!!!, we are on the way up!


Newsletter & RSS Subscriptions – July 31, 2011

Well the subscriptions did not go up, but they were much more engaged and reading, so I am VERY happy with this!


Goals for August

I am going to keep this simple as I know that I am going to be traveling a lot and I really want to focus on writing

  • one guest post and 4 high value posts.
  • Increase visitors to websites by 10%
  • Increase subscribers by 10%

More writing, more writing more writing… that is the big push this month!

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