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$400 Million Selling Through Mail Order

You only learn from your mistakes and your successes never teach you anything. For those people who are afraid to make mistakes, they will never achieve the success they desire. The only success principle that Jim has is “Just do it”. There are so many people who want success, but they never just do it. Never take your life too seriously, even in running your business because no one can predict the future. What you need to do is to constantly test new methods, products, services available in your business niche, offline or online.

Any job is a good job, and money can only be enjoyed when you earn it. Jim said that his dad told him that there are three ways to get money. Beg for it, steal it or earn it. The only option he had was to earn it, and that made him learn to respect money because it was hard to come by. So if you are thinking about how to get money, you should take a job or do some kind of business.

Jim’s first big success online, which sold over 100 copies of his mail order marketing course, was when he went to the various business discussion boards and offered to answer any questions anyone might have about mail order. The best way to find mail order magazines to write is by going to your public library and ask to see a directory of periodic publications. Concentrate on the business opportunities classification. Mail order is a significant category in most business opportunities publications.

In advertising, the only way you can find out if people are buyers is when they buy. That’s why you should have two lists; a list of inquirers and a list of buyers. In mail order, you can rent lists of people who have actually bought products or services similar to your product or service.

Jim has shared some lessons on how he achieved success. Number one, he learned that the only way to make money was to sell something people wanted or needed. Two, is to do with what you had until you could get what you needed to do a better job. Three, you had to do anything necessary but legal. Four, never ask anyone to do anything for you that you aren’t willing to do yourself. Five, nothing is as easy or as fast as it should be.

Learning how to do something is just a matter of doing it over and over again until you finally find out how it works. Also, money is not an end unto itself. It’s only a way of keeping score. Do what you need to do to make a little money. As you make more and more money, the opportunities you will have to make even more money will increase.

Interview from: http://www.hardtofindseminars.com/Jim_Straw_Interview.htm

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