5 Simple Steps to Insert an Image

Insert Image

Insert Image

We are working hard at creating great content and part of that experience for your readers is visual appeal.   I recommend adding at least one image to your posts.  Create visual appeal, allows for the post to look good when posted on social media sites.  Posts and Pages use the same method.

Step 1.  Insert your cursor in the post where you would like the picture to be.

Insert cursor into post

Step 2. Click the Add Media button

Step 3.  Add or Select Your Image

upload images into library

Step 4.  Attachment Details, Always add a keyword friendly Alt Text to your images.  You can edit all the fields as needed

Attachment details
Step 5. Attachment Display Settings, update settings are needed.  Alignment – where you want it to appear on the page.  Link to – If you want a link, for most pictures you would not want a link.  Special circumstances would be artists and photographers that want to display their work in a larger version.  Or advertisements.  Size is defined by your theme and you can select from Thumbnail, Medium and Large in most cases.

attachment display settings

Step 5. Inserting the image

insert into post

Here is what it could look like, this is left aligned notice how the text flows around it.

image in post


Tomorrow’s post is How to add audio and video, see you then!



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