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5 Small Actions to Live a Balanced Life

I have just recently started reading David Damron’s, The Minimalist Path.  A recent article “5 Small Actions to Live a Balanced Life” struck me.  I am very happy to see that more people are really getting that simpler will lead to more balanced lives.   I have been saying for some time that quietness and a focus on self care is the beginning of really finding your true soul’s purpose and passion.

David passes on five easy tips to disconnect from our busy world to find a little balance, here are just two to get you started.

  1. Go to a park, close your eyes and just breathe.
    I don’t do this enough. However, when I do it is extremely relaxing and
    helps me reconnect with my body and nature.
  2. Do something other than check your email when you
    This is another that I am trying to work on. Grab a glass
    of OJ, step outside and watch the sunrise. Just try not to feed your
    internet addiction while the morning sleep is still in your eyes.

I was mentioning in my comments on David’s blog, I LOVE going to the beach near our place.  Early mornings the sand is cool on the feet, the lake looks like a mirror it is so smooth. Just sitting near by and watching is a wonderful relaxing experience.

The second one, not checking email 🙂  this is something I am working on that is for sure.  I am trying to get dressed and head out for my morning workout.  Some morning I am successful, some I am not.  But each day I try again.  I know that connecting with nature or my inner self first will bring me more creativity in the long run.

I highly recommend that you head over to David’s blog and read the entire list, look at a few little steps you can take to really connect with yourself.

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