5 Steps to a Reliable backups



At the time of this post, my recommendation for backing up your entire WordPress site is BackWPup.  This allows you to back up everything that is under your wordpress folder, including your theme and your plugins.  So if you were ever in a situation where you needed to re-create your website from scratch you could.  It would take you less than 15 minutes.

So 5 simple steps, lets get to it

Step 1. Install and Activate BackWPup.


Step 2. Create a job, Click the Create a new job link.

Name your job, choose what files you want to back up, the file name and the file format.


Step 3.  Select the Destination, choose where you want to store the file and the email address you would like the log files sent to.


Step 4. Schedule You can manually run the back up at any time or you can schedule it.

To schedule, select with WordPress Cron, select daily, weekly, monthly.

My recommendation is monthly or when you make changes.  Then Save changes.



Step 5. Confirm all the items you are looking to back up.

Database Tab – These are all checked by default


Files Tab – I recommend using the default selections, but you can change them.


That’s it, a few quick steps to ensure the safety of your website.

Tomorrow’s post is 5 Steps to SEO


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