5 Steps to SEO

5 step to SEO

5 step to SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering.

Keywords are the words and phrases that Internet users type into search box of a search engine, such as Google, to find what websites that match what are looking for.
Make sense? Great so how can we easily set up WordPress to make it more search engine friendly?
Let’s get started…
Step 1. Install and Activate Google XML Sitemap plugin. This is a simple process no configuration is required.
Step 2. Create your Categories and Tags with your keywords in mind. This is something you want to think about early on and start building from the beginning. Ensure you create an Archive page so that people can easily find things.
Step 3. Set up Google+ Authorship, we are going to talk all about this in 2 days in full detail.
Step 4. Setup your Meta Title and Meta Descriptions, you can do this for the entire website and/or each post. The most efficient way to do this is WordPress SEO by Yoast. Install and activate. This one does take a bit to setup I recommend that you follow the steps closing at https://yoast.com/
Step 5. Write Great content! Regularly and consistently write amazing content that your readers are begging for.
I know that often we get trapped in thinking that all this tech stuff is hard or complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Small simple steps can have your website working for you 24/7, spreading your message to the world.
Tomorrow’s post How to step up Google Analytics


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