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6 Myths about Happiness


Alex leads us through a series of Myths about happiness.  I often use the same strategy of the “myths” or “half-truth” to demonstrate our old beliefs.  Beliefs that have been with  us sometimes since childhood that really have lost ago lost their usefulness.

Alex has really sooo many great points, here is a quick sample:

If you want to be happy in your life (and who doesn’t actually) you must first change entirely the way you look at some things. Ready? Let’s go and analyze the 6 core concepts of happiness and the truth behind each one of them.

Myth #1: Happiness: you either have it or not

Genes play an important role in the feeling of happiness. In fact, researchers suggest that heredity contributes 50% to someone’s happiness.

This percentage is the one that actually demolishes the first myth. In fact since 50% is heredity, the remaining 50% is the happiness that someone can seek and create.

The effort and the desire for happiness are able to create the conditions of a cheerful life. Harmonious and healthy interpersonal relationships, acts of kindness, daily exercise and meditation are just some of the things that may lead you to the conquest of happiness, even if you don’t “have” it from your ancestors.

I highly recommend that you shot over to Alex’s website and spend a bit of time reading, it will make you feel happy!  Click here to read more.


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