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PDR 69 – There is “I” in Team with Sara Speicher

PDR 69 - There is I in Team with Sara Speicher-feature(1)

Join us as Sara shares insights on how we can use teams around us to create amazing life and businesses

As a former NCAA Division 1 Basketball Player with international background and experience, Sara, now a mother and a wife, combines her passions and vast expertise to help business owners and their teams. Sara and her VBM Pro, Inc. team help others increase their revenues, grow their business, save time and improve the quality of their lives.

Interview Hot Topics

  • Sara share her experience of become a NCAA basketball player
  • The struggles that come with starting your own business
  • Turning point that lead her to start her business
  • Recommendations on how you can create your own team
  • What the Two teams are
  • Why there is an I in team

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