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PDR 71 – Raw Food Lifestyle with Guylaine Lacerte

PDR 71 - Raw Food Lifestyle with Guylaine Lacerte-feature


Join us as Guylaine shares insights on how Raw Food Diet can lead to optimal health.

Guylaine Lacerte is an Energy Recharge Practitioner, Raw Food Nutrition and Detox Expert with more than 35 years experience and knowledge in natural health, raw lifestyle and personal development. Years of studies and living a high raw vegan lifestyle have led her on the path to optimum health.

Guylaine has a passion to spread the word about the incredible benefits of whole foods, plant-based and high raw lifestyle creating delicious easy recipes to help achieve vibrant health and empowering people to detoxify, rejuvenate and heal.Guylaine spreads her message of delicious eating and healthy living through her raw food classes, detox group coaching programs, private consultation, 1 on 1 nutrition and lifestyle coaching and newsletters. She helps her clients regain their health and energy and live a fulfilled life.

Guylaine is a Certified Raw Food Nutrition Educator, Certified from Karen Knowler in the ‘Successfully Raw’ Raw Food Coach Training, and a Professional Counselor. Her one to one ‘Bounce into Vitlaity’ Coaching Program provides women, and the rare men, with support and guidance in recovering their health and energy and helps them to transition easily and safely towards a nutrient-dense diet with delicious energizing recipes, menu planning and effective strategies. You too can embark on this new health regimen and achieve fabulous health and boundless energy.
Interview Hot Topics

  • Guylaine shares her journey to raw food lifestyle
  • What can you eat ?
  • How do you prepare food?
  • Sprouting, one of the fastest ways to get highly nutritional food
  • Really eating to live, not living to eat
  • High fibre, veggies, legumes,
  • Tenets of changing to raw food


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