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9 Minutes to Sanity

It is 5:25am… on a crisp January morning. The window open slightly so that you can smell the clean, freshness of the morning air. A small breeze makes it way into the room. You are still under the warm, cozy, comfy down-filled blankets, snuggled to your loving partner.

It is 5:30am… you reach over and hit the snooze button, not wanting to move just yet, your partner snuggles a little closer. You now have 9 precious minutes…. do you go back to sleep or do you use them wisely to start your day on a most amazing high.

Maybe you don’t live in a area that has cold mornings, maybe your area is warm sun filled mornings. The intention of “9 minutes to Sanity” is that you take advantage of those 9 minutes after you hit the snooze button and when the alarm rings for the second time.

Yes, I know you do it! Everyone does it!

Maybe not every morning, but some mornings. I do it especially on those cold mornings when it is much nicer to snuggle with my honey than to get up and hit the shower. This is actually when I was thinking about this, I was thinking about just how great it was to have my partner beside me…

I know I know, you are not fully awake yet, you are barely conscious, that is PERFECT!

This allows you to stay in a hypnotic state, it allows you to program your mind and your intentions for the day, very easily and very successfully.

Three Simple Steps to “9 Minutes to Sanity”

5:30 – 5:32 – Gratefulness

3 short minutes to thank your higher source of power for everything that brings you happiness.
Your nice warm bed, your loving spouse, your children, your grandchildren, your career, your home, your friends, your family the list can go on and on.

5:33-5:35 – Intention

Setting your intention for the day is like writing your on movie script. You are setting the stage for how your day is going to go. All positive aspects start with a simple over riding thought.

“In a easy relaxed manner, In a healthy positive way, each and every action will bring me one step closer to my goals. My intention for today is that the day is positively charged, all my tasks are completed in a easy relaxed manner. All interactions with clients and co-workers is for everyone’s highest good.”

You get the idea, this can be what ever you want it to be and it should most definitely is a positive statement.

5:36-5:39 – Breathing

Simply and Easy. Concentrate on slowing breathing in slowing counting to 5, slowing breathing out slowing counting to 5. Keep doing this until the alarm goes off.

By the time you have followed these exercises, you will be more then willing to get out of bed and start the day. Kiss your partner, and jump out of bed to start your most amazing day!

You can easily continue the Morning Ritual with journaling, a great breakfast, yoga, or the thing that you love to do the most. Try “9 Minutes to Sanity” for a 6 weeks, create a great new Morning Ritual.

Body, Mind and Soul Alignment

After practicing your Morning Ritual you will notice that the small annoyances of daily life just don’t bother you any more and they can’t steal your peace while you are focused on self care. Tranquility and solitude refreshes your soul like the streams of a fountain washing away all anxiety and fear.

You can be bold and confident in your future choices when you quiet all the other voices around you and listen to the ONLY to the inner voice inside of you. Your Inner peace is reflected outwardly through all your actions.  When you are at peace within my soul, you are able to accomplish more than you ever imagined.

Creating alignment with your Body, Mind and Soul is about taking time to give yourself the room to breathe in the peace, balance and self care  that creates harmony within your life.

When was the last time that you made the time for yourself?  Even just 15 minutes of “alone” time?  Make a plan today, schedule in your calendar 15 minutes every day. 

I would love to hear how you have arranged your mornings to make them the best possible start to the day… add your comments below!


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Photo Credit: By Jess J

25 thoughts on “9 Minutes to Sanity

  1. I am such a big fan of the snooze button… that is until I wake up ten minutes later feeling worse. Your 9 minute plan will really help me avoid the guilt of hitting the snooze one or more times. I love the idea of setting my intention in the first waking moments of my day. Beautiful!

  2. Absolutely brilliant!

    No later than yesterday, I was reading a book by Dr. Emmet Fox in which he recommended to keep a pen and paper near our bed and write down our first thought of the morning.

    And so, I followed Dr. Fox’s advice… only to find out the not so positive nature of my first thought this morning. 🙁

    Your “9 Minutes to Sanity” exercise showed up into my life at precisely the right moment, and I just can’t wait for tomorrow morning to come so that I can put it into practice and turn this unconscious (until today) bad thinking habit around!

    In happiness and joy,

    1. Nice! I agree I think it can easily be adapted to no alarm lifestyle.

      It is really about the process and the structure and you can adapt it any way you like.

  3. Lori,
    This is an outstanding blog post! This is not only about discovering 9 more minutes in your day, it’s about finding time for gratitude, setting intentions, and centering yourself with deep breathing. What gets better than that? Love it!

  4. Excellent post! We are so wrapped up in our busy lives that I think we forget the most important thing – to be grateful for what we do have. Then to set intentions, then breathing – so calming. Thank you.

  5. This is a lovely idea. I have to say, I”d have to get out of those warm covers though! Otherwise once I hit the snooze I’m likely to drift back off. Lately I’ve been getting up and enjoy 10 minutes of sitting – very similar to your 9 minutes of heaven. Makes such a difference! I usually try to follow the time with some journaling. Makes for a much more centered day.

  6. Beautiful post Lori, I love it. It is something I have been struggling with since I came back from holidays. My early rising habits are hit and miss and the mornings I dont’ rise early I spend my time criticizing myself. I love your suggestions and am very eager to try them out. Thanks

    1. Some people can just jump out of bed…. I am NOT one of those people, so I try and make the transfer smooth and painless. I try and keep all my mornings activities at a slow steady pace, so I don’t create craziness for the day!

      If it doesn’t work out, I have tomorrow morning to try again, definitely want to think of it as a learning process, just like walking or riding your bike, sometimes you fall but getting up and trying again is the best part.

  7. Loved these great suggestions Lori. What a gorgeous way to start the day! I usually set the alarm but often wake before it. While I often practice gratitude it is a bit hit and miss. As a recovering ‘non-morning’ person, I am looking forward to implementing your suggestions.

    1. haha “recovering non-morning” person, I love that! totally agree with that thought. But I love starting my day this way, it feels so awesome!

  8. Beautiful Lori, just beautiful.

    Being thankful and making specific thankful statements, then setting the intention for the day, then breathing in the love and sending out any left-over tension or stale air—what better prescription for a fantastic day.

    I TOTALLY agree with you that we MUST listen to that inner voice. Some people think it is “US”, but I believe it is really “SOURCE” (you may call that GOD), but it is that amazing spirit that has our best always at heart, so when we listen, we are sure to be on our most definite, most positive, most authentic path. There is no going wrong when we align with our inner voice!

    I LOVE your 9 minutes to sanity!

    Thanks! Love and hugs,


    1. Yep, agreed. reading this Wayne Dyer’s new book and it is about allowing that inner voice, source, god, spirit to grow within you so that you are lead more by this voice then your ego. I am definitely planning on spending more time talking to, connecting with, my inner voice.

  9. I have followed these rituals for almost two years and I find that greeting the day with a relaxed manner sets the pace for the entire day. I also have a bedtime ritual which is similar. After washing up, brushing my teeth, etc. I snuggle in the wonderful bedding, lay on my back, close my eyes and begin to breathe slowly and deeply, while rolling my upward (as you do in deep sleep). I focus on the blessings of my life and gentle rumblings of the house (my husband is still downstairs watching tv). Before long I am calm and slipping into a wonderful sleep. I now do this 1/2 hour or 1 hour earlier than I used to since I’ve learned I am my best with a full eight hours of sleep.

    1. Completely, once you start you just can’t stop! Also your retreat home is amazing way to really start that day!

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