90 Days of Delight!

“Consistency is what matters the most in triggering something important to your life”

100 days have passed already! 

A couple of things came up for me while I was reviewing my progress over the last 100 days, during the 100 Day Challenge.

First thing:  What the hell was I thinking… “100 day Challenge”   **Palm smack to forehead**  Challenge, why would I want this to be a challenge, I don’t want it to be hard, or even harder.  Oh know sometimes that universal 2×4 comes out of the air and smacks you.  🙂  Okay I am sure you get the picture.  SOOOOO then the I had to think of a new name!  One if made sense to do 90 days instead of 100, since it fits better into the year, once per quarter.

And then a friend of my suggestion that it be a name that was more fun, since you want to spend the time sailing through your goals with ease.   I immediately landed on Delight!  It has a nice ring to it and makes you smile.   Definitely look for more around the 90 Days of Delight in the future.

Okay this is how thinks landed for me at the end of the “challenge:”

  • Health: release 20 lbs – big challenge
  • Personal Growth: 1-in person spiritual retreat, 1-personal growth course, 1-career focused certification – success
  • Business:  2- full packages – major success

The Details:

Health: 1)Primal 21 Day Challenge – in some ways this was successful, I lost the same 10lbs 3 times. 🙂  I was sick for part of the time and on antibiotics. But the biggest excuse was not sticking to the menu.  There is no doubt that it is hard to change your eating habits – I am basically trying to be sugar free, gluten free, and diary free.  And I am at the point now, that when I eat these foods, I am literally getting sick. And I have come up with a few alternative choices that will help going forward.   I do feel like this is coming together and at this point it will be consistency that wins the battle for me.

Personal Growth:  I did quite a few things, but they weren’t the things I listed previously I am okay with that as long I am balancing the three areas of personal, business, career.  I didn’t get to a personal retreat, but I did take up a new a couple of new hobbies, all about enjoying things in the physical world, mixed media art/painting and archery.  Both have been amazing, fun and exciting additions to my personal life.  I have been working on some professional career focused course, in order to complete some new certifications, I have actually done quite a few courses, it will take a couple of years to move through the entire process, but each course moves me forward. I believe I have completed 5 and 1 that I am 50% complete.  On the business side I have done several here as well, some social media focused ones to get ready to ramp up my social media presence in 2016.  And two Conscious Dance training/certifications, I am interested to adding these to my in person workshops coming up, it will be fun.

Business: Wow did this one go awesome.  I did a re-publication of my Self Care Mindset, new paper, new cover and new journal.  And while I was doing that I totally feel in love with the concept of creating journals!  In the last 100 days, I have created 8 Journals that are already on Amazon.  Seems like every day I have a new idea for a whole new journal.

Overall – I think that the process was okay…. and I intend on rocking the 90 Days of Delight with greater ease now that I have changed the verbiage and my mindset about it.


What is happening for the first 90 days? 

There are a few phrases that are going through my mind these days… Live life on your own terms, which has been the motto of Sacred Earth from the beginning and Live, Love and Laugh, which we all have seen, but how much of us are actually practicing it.  I intent on making sure that I am doing all year long.

Health – Continue and become even more consistent.  – same goal, release 20lbs

Personal Growth – Become much more consistent with my morning and evening rituals (yes there is a journal for this!!), ensure that I am spending at least 1 hour a day doing a fun hobby!

Business – Consistency with my message and my strategic plans – I always have a pretty good vision of what I want to accomplish, but I am striving for a more balanced approach to actually getting the work done.


Consistency is the theme for the next 90 days,

the perfect time to create new habits!

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