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Many people in these times are evaluating their current lifestyles to find a better way. The changes that we advocate can guarantee a happier, more contented life with less worry about money, basically debt free, a happier, healthier family and much more.

An in-depth evaluation will open you to hundreds of possibilities to be taken in small doable steps. If you have been afraid of the word priorities, this might be the place for you to start.

Back to the basics of living simply on what we have. Envision a simpler existence. In a nice quiet place, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Let your body relax and push all thoughts and worries out. As they come in just push them away. Begin to think back to a happier time. What did you have? What did you do? Where were you? Just drift with the pleasant thoughts coming.

In simple living, we will go back to the times when the simplicity of living was our happiness. After paring down to basics, you will be much more satisfied with your life. What makes that happen and how do we reach that point?

First things first, priorities. If you have a problem in your life, it could be traced to something out of order or missing from this list: 1. God 2. Family 3. Health 4. Education 5. Work 6. Ambition 7. Patience 8. Balance 9. Maturity

Being a successful person has nothing to do with the acquisition of money. This is a lesson we must first all learn. Importantly, first the values that we have must change. That means that keeping up with the Jones’ must be a thing of the past. Giving in the collection plate on Sunday and then going out to our brand new cars and driving to The Keg for Sunday brunch does not make a value change.

Have you heard the saying “when a door closes, a window opens”? Well, this is also true when you give up something, you gain something.

To show how serious we are in making positive changes, it is suggested that we do something to show our seriousness. In other words, to give up something of monetary value.

When I started on this road, I gave up my car, clothes dryer and dishwasher. These might be much too drastic for you to start, but do try to be involved in some way with this project.

Some other suggestion: how about walking to school with the kids instead of driving them; give up your hot baths and have quicker showers; give up bags of chips and just make popcorn for snacks; pare down at least one paid activity for yourself and your children; stop leaving the lights on.

Anyway, you get the idea. The something that you give up should be very thoughtful and something that you think that you can’t live without. As time goes on, you will be surprised how this one step can take you to many new places and meet many new and interesting people.

Tip of the day: Get enough rest and sleep during the night. You can’t help save the planet if you are too tired.

Joke of the day:”What should I give up, my eggplant coloured hair dye or my belly button rings?”

Linda is a retired piano teacher in Toronto married to the retired Chief Works Supervisor of the Water Supply for Toronto. She is interested in all environmental issues, budgeting, homemaking, frugal living and shopping, recycling, reducing, reusing and all things green. Currently she is working on a project with her friend/partner on how to make your life more simple.

Linda has a golden retriever dog named Rusty and a cat named Dusty. She is also involved in The Therapeutic Paws of Canada and her Rusty will be a regular visitor at a nearby nursing home. When she has spare time, she likes to play the piano with her duet partner and also her husband.

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