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Our vision is to be the #1 Resource for Spiritual Women to learn; How To Do What They Love, Make More Money, and Live the Life on Your Own Terms!

As a contributor, you will gain exposure and visibility, which will grow as we grow. We are looking for writers that want to create an ongoing relationship with Sacred Earth Partners, we would love to have you write on the blog and join in other projects.

We are looking for original (never been published before) articles. All posts are submitted to multiple social media sites, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest just to name a few. You will also be featured in our weekly newsletter. We do expect that you will be involved in both sharing the articles as well as commenting.
We are interested in contributors that…

  • Have Passion – Our acceptance rate hovers at 50% or below. You have to demonstrate strong passion in improving other people’s lives.
  • Writing Skills – We look for candidates who love writing. You have to make sure that your thoughts go into the text easily.


We are open to a wide variety of topics You are free to write on any of the following topics:

  • Lifestyle Business – Solopreneur – Microbusiness -Small business
  • Web design – Social Media – Social Networking
  • Online and Offline Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Stress Management – Self Care
  • Passions – Purpose
  • Mediation – Spirituality
  • Green -Eco – Sustainability -Alternative lifestyles
  • and much much more

Please try to make your posts useful by giving practical tips and advice.

Article submission requirements:

  • Articles must be original work and unique to Sacred Earth Partners (republished articles are not allowed).
  • Articles should consist of at least 600 words.
  • NO self-promotion is allowed in the articles. Therefore, self-promotion links to authors’ business, affiliate links or paid links should not be included in articles. You can put such do-follow links in the bio box we have made for you, though.
  • Our editors have the final right to modify or reject your articles.

The Process

  • Send an email with 3 links to samples of previous writing or your blog where you have several different articles.
  • Briefly, tell us your personal mission and how you are impacting people’s lives
  • Send 3-5 proposed titles for articles – do NOT send the full article.

Please do use the form below to submit a request with some samples of your work.

I am looking forward to working with you!


Here are a Writing guidelines to help you get started:


For each post that you write please pick a catchy title that tells the readers exactly what the post is about and why they need it. If you just can’t think of any interesting title you can always go throughMagnetic Headlines on Copyblogger to pick up a few ideas.


I like to have at least a few sentences of introduction for every post. This introduction should tell readers exactly why they should read your post and why they will benefit from it. Do not make this introduction all about you, show the readers exactly why they should care about your tips, thoughts, and ideas.


Please do not copy and paste word documents into the editor, write in the editor or use text files.


Please proof your posts before submitting them for review.


It is important to make all posts readable. I like to use lists or break down posts into sections with separate titles.
1. If you are using lists:

  1. Use the <ol> tag to create ordered lists.
  2. Use the <ul> tag to create unordered lists.
  3. Use the <strong> tag to enclose the title of each list.

<li><strong>Write well.</strong> Readers will love you. </li>
<li><strong>Be personal.</strong> But not too much.</li>
<li><strong>Help people.</strong> It guarantees your success.</li>

2. If you are using sections:
Use <h2> … </h2> tags for the section title. You can use lists within each section if you need to.
Other ways to break down the text:

Feel free to use the <blockquote> tag if you need to.

4. Read more tag
Please put a <!–more–> tag after a few paragraphs of your text. Make sure that the text goes a little bit lower than the image.

Dont’s (very important!)

In your posts please DO NOT:

  • Use ALL CAPS.
  • Use exclamation marks too often.
  • Use excessive bolds and italics.
  • Use excessive formatting.
  • Link excessively to your own posts or resources.
  • Use affiliate links, advertising or promotions in your posts.


I am very particular about the images because they are the first focal point for all visitors. Think about the images needed for Pinterest and Google+. You are more than welcome to create an image using picmonkey or canva

If you are using a photo, please use Creative Commons images from Flickr. I use for searching. I prefer, centered, horizontal images. Go for close-up images with a person in it, cropped fairly close, preferably showing their face. High-quality images that look professional are a must. You can just send me a link to the image that you like and I will crop it and insert it into your post. If you cannot find a suitable image I will find one myself.

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