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Collaborate? Co-Create? Partner?

I am so happy you asked!  I am in love with your already!   I am truly PASSIONATE about helping people create amazing results in their lives and their businesses.  What are you passionate about?  Does it fit with what is happening around Sacred Earth Partners?

First and Foremost, I want us to both feel like  we are “Diva-Sisters” connecting and working together to create amazing, passion-filled projects.

  • I want us to connect on many levels our values, goals and energy
  • I want us to feel an amazing exciting creative vibe
  • I want us to have complimentary strengths that combined together add tremendous value
  • I want our project(s) to create amazing results and make a huge impact

Do you feel like you align with the company Mission, Philosophy and Core Values?

Our Mission

Sacred Earth Partners Training and Retreat Center, Eco-Spiritual Company, is dedicated to bringing programs, courses and products designed to support a holistic lifestyle and business that nourishes the body, mind and spirit.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. . . Empower, Inspire and Motivate!

Core Values

Passion ~ Integrity ~ Authenticity ~ Spirituality ~ Creativity ~ Responsibility

Second, all programs, courses and products are designed to teach heart-centered, spiritually-minded, passion-driven Holistic Practitioners strategies that will empower and motivate them in their life and their business. I cover many different areas of both lifestyle and business, so there are wealth spring of ideas that could work with the audience.  Here are just a few topics to think about Self Care, Self Growth, Simplicity, Minimalism, Motivation, Eco-Green, Sustainability, House and Home, Productivity, Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Web Design and many more.   Differently something new and unique is highly encouraged, just ask!

Do you feel like you align with the audience of Holistic Practitioners?

I would like you to meet, Sally Ryan; she is a 45 year old small business owner of a Holistic/Alternative private practice, a holistic solopreneur, working on creating a Lifestyle MicroBusiness.

She lives in a rural setting with her partner and a collection of beloved animals.   She moved to the country in order to create a simpler lifestyle, closer to nature, free of the pressure that can come with living in the city. Her children have grown and moved away form home.  She spends her spare time gardening and volunteering with her favorite causes.

She is conscious of her health and knows she needs to remain active.  She also knows she must create a balance or alignment in her life between her work and her life.   She would like to create more success in her business so that she can travel more.

Sally is a values-driven, heart-centered, love-filled, spiritually-minded, passion-driven woman concerned with self-actualization, spirituality, ecological sustainability, simplicity, self-expression and the wisdom of women.

Sally appreciates relationships, deeper meaning and balance in life.  She is open to holistic and alternative practices, and volunteers for causes close to their hearts, especially those relating to women and children, environmental issues, and cultural diversity.

Sally is interested in Zen Buddhism, Meditation and Yoga; she is looking forward to studying & experiencing more enlightenment (Dharma). She wants her business to closely align with spiritual/zen principles.

She is learning how to use the internet and technology to broaden her skills, network and business.  She believes that her business has a huge positive impact to the people she is able to reach.  Now she wants to reach more!

Sally knows what is important to her, now she needs the support to create the success and freedom she is looking for!

Third, help me to quickly connect and see the value in our potential partnership. Here are just a few guidelines to think about before you contact me:

  • Start with your biggest benefit of partnering with you.
  • Is the project mutually beneficial to both of us? Does the project help both of our business grow and flourish? Commission is great, but what growth potential is there?
  • Your marketing material and website needs to reflect pride and passion in your work and projects.
  • I love new ideas and co-creating, so what can we do together that would be awesome?

Fourth,  does your campaign fit into the Sacred Earth Partner schedule?   We now have a general Sacred Earth Partner online calendar that will give you a quick preview of whether or not your campaign will fit into the schedule Click here to check it out.


Now that you have had a change to read over, what I do, who I support and what I would like to accomplish, do you think we can work together?

GREAT!  I look forward to hearing from you, please use the form below to touch base with me and we can explore how we might creating awesome projects together..




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