American Heart Association Exercise Programs

The American Heart Association wants to keep you moving. Heart disease doesn’t happen overnight. Instead we help it along with poor nutrition, high cholesterol, and a sedentary lifestyle. Find out about the AHA exercise programs that promote physical activity at every age for the health of your heart.

Choose to Move®

This is a 12 week fitness program promoted by the American Heart Association. The program is designed to show people how to get started with physical exercise and slowly increase it to a level that will be beneficial to their health. Getting physical everyday reduces the risk of heart disease and other conditions associated with it.

You can sign up for the program at the American Heart Association website where registration is free. As a participant, you’ll receive a handbook, biweekly emails containing fitness and activity tips, information on heart disease, and motivational emails to help you stick with it. The program also promotes a healthy eating regimen to help you lose weight and lower your risk factors for heart disease.

When the program is complete you will be able to sustain the results you have achieved. By the end, you will be performing at least 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week, making better food choices to promote health, and learning to engage in more intense exercises for variety.

Choose to Move can be started as a family, with a social group, or done alone. It begins at your current level of physical activity and proceeds according to your needs making it great for young people and people of advanced age.


This workout program is also recommended by the American Heart Association. It is a walking workout geared towards those who spend a lot of time in the workplace. As our jobs require less and less movement and longer and longer hours, we are less inclined to perform physical activity. The world is becoming more sedentary and overweight each and every day.

According to most health professionals, walking is one of the best forms of exercise. It gets your heart rate up and works the entire body at one time. Walking can be done anywhere and you can easily fit the activity into any schedule. It is easy and has great benefits.

The hardest part for most people is getting started. This walking workout encourages companies to get their employees moving. Healthier employees mean lower insurance costs and medical bills.

All the company has to do is set up the program and offer it to their employees. Employers will receive a guide to help the company program administrator keep everyone on the right track. Walking trails are set up and marked at work so employees can use them on their lunch hour or whenever they have spare time.

The American Heart Association wants to see the incidence of heart disease decrease and physical activity increase. Both of these workouts are geared towards doing just that. Check them out at

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