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Do you have a website?

Does your website need a update?

Do know how to take advantage of all the web 2.0 technologies?

I bet you were thinking there would be this LOONNNG page that gives you a hundred reasons that you just HAVE to a new/updated website and how we can do it for the best price. I thought about that for a while, then I realized I don’t like to read those and you don’t like to read those. You just want the facts with no B.S., you want to know in clear concise easy to understand terms what the hack I am talking about.

What is Web Mentoring?

We know that you have great ideas for what you want to see on your website, so we will mentor you. We will take your ideas and add technology that will put you at the top of the charts. Sometimes this means bigger and better ideas, sometimes it means compromise, but in the end you will have a website you are proud of AND that your potential clients will visit regularly.

The reasons you need a website:

  • To impact a global audience
  • To operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • To instantaneously deliver its products and/or services

Bottom line websites help us communicate with our tribe worldwide, it makes our job easier.

Who we want to work with:

  • You are Passionate about serving your clients
  • You are Ready to invest in your business
  • You are Ready to GET into action and make things happen

What is included:

Level 1 – $299.00

  • Custom Designed WordPress Website using a Premier theme
  • One year web hosting and domain registration
  • One year personal mentoring via phone and email

Level 2 – Calgary Only – Sept 21-25, 2009 – $499 – Limited

  • 3 hours in-person Design & Strategy Session
  • Custom Designed WordPress Website using a Premier theme
  • One year web hosting and domain registration
  • One year personal mentoring via phone and email

What do you need to do?

Web Design

  • Click on the Buy Now Button – Follow the Paypal Process
  • Email me to make an appointment for us to chat
  • Bring your thoughts on what you want to accomplish
World Vision Gift Catalog


Last but certainly not least we at Foundation Coaching Group want to do our part to spread love and appreciation our Charity of Choice is World Vision.

For Every Web Design Package that is purchased we will be donating 25% to World Vision. Our Hope is by the end of the year we can buy a Green House!

If you want to read more about all the features that are included with the Custom WordPress Website Click here We go into great detail about what is included. If you still have questions most definitely call or email me.

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