Beachbody Workouts

Beachbody has produced many workout programs over the years. Hundreds of people have changed their lives and their bodies using these workouts. They range from boot camp style workouts to kickboxing workouts with a hip-hop flair.

P90X is a beachbody workout series developed by Tony Horton. The workout has 12 videos that are designed to get your body into the best shape ever in 90 days. Using workout routines that challenge the body with martial arts, weight lifting, and extreme yoga your body looks drastically different after even 30 days.

This workout program uses 12 workouts in a certain succession to produce great results for everyone who uses it. The way it works is through muscle confusion. When muscles get used to a certain weight or a certain routine, the muscle stops growing and so does the weight loss and calorie burning benefits. With P90X, the muscles are constantly being challenged so that you never reach a plateau but continue to burn fat.

That is the secret to its result. The program is hard but it can be mastered. It doesn’t require a lot of fancy equipment either.

Turbo Jam is another Beachbody program. It was developed by Chalene Johnson and uses cardio kickboxing and 11 signature moves to change your body. The program is fun, combining funky music with exercise routines that are anything but boring. According to the website,, some people who have done the workout burned as much as 1,000 calories an hour. Wow!

The Turbo Jam workout has evolved from the first DVD series into a program that offers extreme results. Using tools like sculpting gloves, weights, and your own body weight, the workouts transform your abs, arms, legs, and your mind. You’ll have that beach body in no time flat.

That isn’t all. Chalene Johnson has come up with another beachbody workout called Chalene Extreme. This workout combines different workout phases into one workout that changes your body. It does this with weight work, cardio intervals, and fat burning exercises so that you burn up to 60 percent more fat from your body.

Since muscle burns more than fat, when you build lean, strong muscle your metabolism changes. Everyone especially those who are in their 40s and older benefit greatly from increasing their muscle mass.

Workouts from beachbody also come with eating plans that help you to maximize the amount of weight you lose and the length of time the results actually last. Following the workout schedule and the eating recommendations are what will put you on the right track for the program to deliver what it promises.

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