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Beautiful Screened Garden House, I want one!

Beautiful Screened Garden House

Honestly I can’t really help it!  It is snowing yet again today and I am getting itchy figures. I want to be working in my garden.   So many great ideas floating around in my head.

This is a great article showing a critter proof garden.  If you were building something like this more north where there is snow, you would want to use a sturdier frame.  Nevertheless it is super cool.  I am thinking of something like this for my chickens. 🙂

Check out this great info from Houzz!

The edible garden is a thing of beauty. It’s personal, and like singing a song, there is no one right way to do it. Lauri Kranz is certainly getting it right. She’s been hailed as the vegetable whisperer of Los Angeles, creating entrancing and productive edible havens. “I believe in wildness,” she says. Rules on the backs of seed packets dictate how to grow the vegetables, but how you put everything together is an entirely artistic endeavor.

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Now that you are inspired!

What are you spring plans?  Will have you a big garden?   Let us know!

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