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Become Your Industry’s Obvious Expert

Stuart says, “Anybody who wants to consult in any line of work must look at your client’s business rather than your own”. Writing and creating content that can help people is a great way to expand your reach and establish your position as an industry expert. Every now and then you get a little writer’s block, and then something will click. You will want to write about everything.

Every article or everything you write about whether it’s on your blog or in an industry publication should have a story behind it. It could be a story about something you’ve heard, something you’ve read, or something that happened to one of your clients.

If you are a business coach, your job is to make sure that your customers are putting their best foot forward. A big part of that is to verify what they’re putting out to the world and make sure it’s working for them. If you’re not a professional writer, that’s fine because you can get someone to edit it. What’s important is to get your words out there. When you start putting your words out there, it helps you learn it better yourself and you become more passionate about it.

Another great way to position yourself as an industry expert is through public speaking. If you want to secure speaking opportunities, you’ve got to put yourself out there. You should ask to be on panels. It’s just like selling, except now you’re selling yourself. You should have some lunch and learns. Get educated, practice, record yourself in front of the video camera and submit it on YouTube.

Do whatever you can to position yourself as an expert. You have to keep working the system. It just takes time. If there’s an event you want to speak at, apply for it. One of the ways that you put ideas and thoughts out there is through social media. If you’re writing about something relevant to your market, people are going to forward it to people they know through social media.

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