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Beholding the Beloved

jill4What would it feel like to be held within the gaze of someone who loved you unconditionally? Have you ever been blessed with that feeling, of just being loved purely and absolutely for no other reason than “just because you are?

Bridget Jones (Bridget Jones Diary movie) finally realized Mark Darcy loved her when he told her he did, “just the way you are.” In her case that was someone who was less than perfect, much like we all are in our own unique ways.

When Jesus used the word “father” the meaning at that time was “beloved.” To be loved is the greatest gift we can receive; it just feels so beautiful and comforting.

And it is the greatest gift we can give. Walking the dog this morning my friend was in the throws of her latest relationship drama and talked about how she was moving into the numb stage. Her response, from her words, because of the relationship she had as a child with her alcoholic mother. It’s how she survived.

But it made me think how we all become numb in so many ways that prevent us from knowing the fullness of being loved as the beloved. We lose sight of what we love because we’re focusing on what we’re not getting from the person who is supposed to be loving us.

Now, before you say you know that take a moment and look within yourself at all your relationships, especially the ones that aren’t new anymore. Do you still gaze at the one you love, are you able to hold them as the beloved that they are?

Because my work is focused on women I’m going to add that for most women it’s much easier to look at another and see the beloved before they can see it within themselves. Yet, to truly see this in another, you must see it in yourself first. Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have and you can’t keep what you don’t give away.

Today, as you move among those you know, those you love, and those you don’t love so much, soften your focus and look beyond their humanness and find within them that which is the beloved.

Find the feeling of warmth within you, the tenderness of holding them closely, and the beauty of their beingness as you see them for who they truly are. They are you. They are God. They are perfect. All you need to do is behold them in this way.

For my intentions as I write this know that every word is written holding all those who read it as the beloved. Know that in this moment I am beholding you as the beloved, because me dearest friend, that is what you are.

Jill Bertelli

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