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Big Life

This week has been pretty interesting…. as you know I am coming up to my 40th birthday, totally excited about that! Passionate! 🙂

Everything about this week has been BIG

I read an article in the BIGG Success ezine about Johnny’s BIGG thought of the day!… I cried

I am listening (still) to the Philosophers Notes every note has the BIG Ideas from the book.

I was listening specifically to Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar, where they speak of the concept of following your Bliss, you must put your happiness the highest priority.

I planned a wonderful weekend away lined up with some great things that we have been planning to do for awhile, it will be great!

An idea for a new class for the college has already blossomed into a series of at least 3 half day lectures/workshops.

Every thing that is happening to me right now… is leveling up, JUST like I PLANNED for this year when I planned the year and picked my theme for the year!

How cool is that!?!?!

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