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BOSU Ball Workout Program

It might be one of the strangest pieces of fitness equipment, but you can get a good workout using it. The BOSU ball total body workout offers your body a challenge. Continue to read this article to start learning more about this workout.

The BOSU ball is a balance trainer. It looks like half of an exercise ball in a frame but it is actually quite effective. Have you ever tried to stand on an exercise ball? This is what it’s like to stand on a BOSU and balance.

Exercising on a BOSU ball works the entire lower half of the body as well as the biceps, triceps, chest, and abs. Those areas amount to all the major muscle groups in your body. Begin the experience with a warm up and a stretch. BOSU workouts are harder than they look so take it easy.

Cardiovascular exercises can be done on the BOSU ball. Find your balance in the center of the ball. Then, jump up and down, maintaining your balance each time you land. You can also jump on and off the ball.

Now that your heart rate is up, you can switch to weight work using the ball. Triceps dips can be performed on the ball side while pushups are usually done on the flat side of the BOSU. Holding the sides of the bottom, you have to balance your body in order to perform the exercise. Starting with knees on the ground helps you find your center on the BOSU before performing straight leg pushups.

The lower body is challenged on the BOSU with exercises like lunges and squats. Squats can be done standing on the ball with or without weights. For lunges, you can lunge onto the ball or perform reverse lunges from the ball to the floor. With each exercise, the abs stay tight for posture and to keep you from falling off the ball.

Just like with an exercise ball, abs exercises can be performed on the BOSU. Sitting below the top of the ball, you can perform upper body crunches. Sitting on the top of the ball is better for V sit ups when you bring your knees up into your chest to work the lower abs and while doing your upper body crunches also.

In class or using a DVD, a variety of cardio routines can be implemented with the BOSU trainer. It provides a good workout for the entire body, especially the abs since they work overtime to just to keep you balanced.

Dance Fitness Programs

If you think that exercise has to be grueling to be beneficial, then you need to think again. Have you ever noticed what the body of a dancer looks like? They are tight, slim, and toned. Try dancing workouts to get into shape.

There are a variety of dancing classes you can take that will promote a healthy heart, mind, and body. Each class gives you a total body workout while making it fun and interesting for everyone. Here are some of the dancing workouts you can get involved with.

  1. Zumba – This dance craze is sweeping gyms all across the country. Zumba is a mix of Latin dances like salsa, cumbia, and merengue, along with hip-hop, and swing moves. The class uses upbeat music to get you sweating and your heart pumping. The moves work the entire body especially the abs and you don’t notice because you are having so much fun.
  2. Hip-Hop Dancing – It keeps all of those dancers on stage in shape. The moves center on shaking your butt and moving those hips from side to side. Switching your hops requires strong abs muscles which become even leaner and stronger with the moves. You’ll sweat and enjoy some great music.
  3. Belly Dancing – This workout is geared towards the midsection and the hips. It is hard to get only your waist to move, but over time you’ll get the hang of it. And, you get to wear those cute dangling bead outfits too. Belly dancing workouts shape the waist while moving the arms raises your heart rate.
  4. Bhangra Dancing – This is an Indian form of dancing that takes the body through a series of slimming routines. Masala Bhangra workouts provide a cardiovascular workout that is fun for everyone.

Use a combination of dance workout routines to get your body into shape doing something that you already like to do. In the process, you will learn some new dance moves that you can show off anywhere you want to take your new body.

Dancing fitness is deceiving. Just because you are having fun doesn’t mean you aren’t working. You may not get the moves down pat all at once, but with consistency, you’ll get it right. Once you perfect the moves, you can easily add some flair and attitude that further challenges your body.

Dancing workouts can be done at home with DVDs or in a class at a gym or studio. You burn an enormous amount of calories with each hour of dancing that you do. Dancing gives you the platform to lose weight (if that is your goal) and get into shape.

Pilates Workouts

Exercise is important for a number of reasons. It provides cardiovascular health which keeps the body looking and feeling younger. Exercise helps improve immunity and keep disease at bay. Pilates’ workouts are a part of that exercise equation.

What is Pilates? Many people think that it is just a dainty workout for people who are already in shape. These people believe it involves stretching, bending and eating celery to maintain the body, but don’t believe it has anything to do with fitness. For those who think along those lines, you might actually be surprised by the truth behind Pilates.

Pilates is a workout developed by Joseph Pilates that uses the idea of contrology. It balances the body through a series of controlled movements designed to stretch and build muscles in the body.

Anyone can do Pilates. The moves sound intimidating like the downward facing dog, but it isn’t sinister skinny people speak I promise. Your body might need a bit of time to adjust to the positions in the beginning, but that’s usually the case with any exercise routine. Those who have taken up the Pilates workout have come to love it and swear by its results.

The way Pilates was developed involved using a series of ropes and pulleys. More modern Pilates styles like the Windsor Pilates workout program don’t use such a contraption, but a mat and other small pieces of equipment to bring the amazing results some people have experienced.

The main target of Pilates is the core. Our core is the center of our body. It supports the rest of our body and resists injuries that are a result of poor muscle development in the core which includes the abdominals and the back muscles.

Pilates’ workouts keep the core muscles in mind through every movement and routine. As you work, you’ll see your stomach become shapely and defined. You can even get a six pack if you want it from the help of a workout like this. Building muscle through Pilates burns fat when combined with a decent eating plan.

Pilates has six principles that are built into the workout routines: breath, concentration, control, centering, flow, and precision. The entire body is connected and by working all of the muscle groups, the body becomes a lean machine that can handle anything.

Pilates’ classes can be taken at a gym, a private studio, or through a DVD series of workouts if you exercise at home or are limited on time. With Pilates, you won’t be running around or lifting heavy weights, but your body will get a deep workout that will change its shape. Pilates works well for people who can’t handle vigorous exercise.

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