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Breaking Your Goals Into Smaller Pieces

Almost every goal has many “sub-goals” that make up the whole. For example, a goal to lose 25 pounds could be broken down into 25 consecutive goals to lose one pound each! (We could even break it down further into ounces, but we won’t go that far.)

Here’s another example: A goal to obtain an educational degree is made up of many smaller goals like enrolling in a degree program, successfully completing all of the coursework and assignments, and eventually graduation, right?

Unless your goal is very small and simple to begin with, you can probably see many smaller goals that make up the bigger goal you have in mind. Today you’ll be breaking down that big goal into smaller goals.

Depending on your goal, it might not be obvious how to break it down, but do your best.

One thing you may find helpful during this process is thinking of the end result you want and then working backwards to where you are now. Which actions were needed in order to bring you to that final result?

We’ll be focusing more on those action steps tomorrow, but for now just separate the big goal into more manageable chunks as best you can.

Once you’ve got them all written down, take a close look at them. Most likely you’ll have steps related to:

• Research and education. If you don’t already know everything you need to know in order to achieve your goal, you’ll probably have to do some research and information gathering in order to proceed efficiently later.

• Planning and preparation. Before you begin moving toward a goal, it’s best to know exactly what you’ll need to do, and how you’ll go about it.

• Preliminary steps. You might have some minor legwork to do before you can really begin working toward the goal and tackling the larger action steps.

All of this will depend on your specific goal, of course. If some of the above items don’t apply to your goal, just disregard them.

Hang on to your sheet of paper from today, (name), because tomorrow you’ll be using the flip side of it to set some clear action steps!

This may seem like a lot of work before you even start working on your goal, but by planning and preparing like you are, actually moving toward the goal is going to seem like a piece of cake!

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