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Breath Life into your Attraction Practice

The law of attraction is all about magnetizing your visualization so that whatever that you have asked the universe for, will be attracted to you.

An important element in harnessing the magnetic energy of the earth is the practice of deep breathing. Oxygen is food for the brain and it has magnetic qualities.

Practice deep breathing in an opened window where the air is fresh. If you can, breathe the morning air in the garden, where fresh oxygen has just been produced from the plants’ photosynthesis. Or breathe the morning air on the hills or the salty breezy air of the sea. I personally LOVE to go to the beach in the morning, I am at the north end and the wind blows across the lake towards me, it is wonderful!

When Oxygen is combined or introduced into a magnetic field it becomes paramegnetic, this adds to the magnetic field you produce making it stronger and causes your thoughts to attract whatever you are asking the universe.

The quality of the air and the oxygen in it is best in the morning, because the production of oxygen by the plants and trees all night.

If you can wake up at 5 am in the morning, do your meditation, visualization and deep breathing at the same time by an opened window, this is an AWESOME way to start the day! I love getting up early in the morning, fresh, clear, quiet, it really allows you to listen fully to your inner guidance.

The quality of the manifestations by the universe and the end result is dependent on the quality of your thought power of course. When you are magnetic and your thought waves are powerfully clear.

You WILL begin to notice life starting to change for the better. Your wishes will come true, you become healthier and more energetic, and people find you more attractive.

Photo Credit: by pradeep_kumbhashi.

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