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too much , too little, too exciting, too fast, too big

I have biggggg huge ginormous vision for my future and I know that I am moving swiftly to fulfill that vision. I sometimes ponder “I am moving too quickly?”

The whole idea of having such a big vision is sharing it with others. But often times others fall away, they get scared by the speed and the effort, the unrelenting passion in pursuit of the vision.

Is that just my perception? is it just me feeling like others around me are in another dimension in slow motion?

If I am in another reality, watching them and I am moving at the speed of light… I can reach out and grab anything I want along the way… 🙂

I choose purposely to slow down this last year…. I pondered and meditated and pondered and visualized and pondered some more.

Then when I was really clear, like crystal clear, I decided! Then I set goals and then I made a plan. When I created my theme for the year “level up” it was because I was ready to stop moving at the speed of other people’s reality and start moving at my speed. Granted I still need to interact with people in this dimension so some things take longer then I had planned. But you work with what you have right!

okay okay I know that I don’t really live in another dimension 🙂

Back to the plan Business Focus! I have several things that I want to accomplish this year. One was to get the name change complete. I really wanted to align more closely with where I am going in my vision. I wanted to be much more specific about the BIG HUGE ideas, so that I can bring others along with me.

A community, a tribe, a gaggle, my peeps, it is really no fun to travel the journey here on earth alone, the more the merrier.

So the focus, present a clear, inspirational view into my vision of the future and to ask you to come along with me!

Come you know you wanna, you join me on the journey? 🙂


In case you didn’t hear the big news… the company name has changed to Sacred Earth Partners Training and Retreat Center. You can read all about the vision at http://www.sacredearthpartners.com and get more details on how things are changing here

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