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Calm Mornings, Can they really happen?

How do you find time to create a little piece of calmness in your world?

For me it is mornings. I purposefully wake up an hour before I need to be a wake. This allows me to take the time to getting up, I am not rushed, I get my 15-20 minute shower.  I mean how often does that happen ever when you have teenagers in the house.

I get to eat breakfast, which we all know is the most important meal of the day, you know. I can make lunch, saving my budget.

But most importantly I able able to spend 30 minutes in just being quiet.

I am able to write in my journal, I am able to set my intention for the day. I can think about all the things and people that I am grateful for in my life. I use visioning, where I sit and think about what my life is going to be like when all my goals have been reached, you know when I am a 101 sitting in my rocking chair…  =)

You may not be a morning person, or you may have small children, the time of day doesn’t really  matter!! What is most important is the feeling you have each and every day. I wish there was a  way that I could give you that feeling, just for one day.

You would see and feel the value of your  quiet time and you would make the effort everyday. Trust me everyone else in your life will  appreciate is as much as you do.

Taking the time to de-stress and recharge your own soul will allow you to be able to nurture other  relationships and make them stronger.

Step 1) Create an environment that will recharge you! – Everyone has there different happy place.  Some are lucky enough to live where it is sunny all year and they can pick a hammock in the back yard.  Some have busy houses where finding just one chair in a quiet corner is enough. My personal favourite is a reading chair in the cornor of my office, I like the feeling of being in a big library surrounded by books, everyone knows that you need to be quiet in the library!

Step 2) Get comfy! – Make sure your chair is comfortable, dim the lights, turn up the lights, put on music, listen to the birds,  light some candles or sit in the dark. Choose the things that add to your feeling of calm.

Step 3) Relax! – Sit in your chair, take a deep breathe. Allow all of your muscles to relax, think about each muscle and just focus on relaxing it, starting with your neck and shoulders, working your way down to your arms and legs. Start with 5 second breathing, count to 5 as you inhale, count to 5 as you exhale. Focus completely on your breathing. Allow thoughts to pass through your mind briefly, focus back to your breathing. After a couple minutes allow yourself to vision your most favourite spot, is it a warm white sandy beach, is the top of your favourite mountain retreat. And Just relax…

For me, taking this time each and every day has added so much peace, clarity and calm mypersonal life.  Start with just 15 simple minutes!  Commit to it!  You will see the difference right away!



2 thoughts on “Calm Mornings, Can they really happen?

  1. When my children were small I envied my neighbor who lives alone sitting reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of tea – I longed for that moment. Now my children are bigger my time is much more my own but that doesn’t mean I always use it well. I need to spend more time by myself just sitting and being and I won’t procrastinate on that one!

    1. Definitely… it is harder when the kids are smaller. But I think that it is a great opportunity to teach our kids that it is okay… even awesome to have quiet time, just sitting quietly. Can you imagine how great it would have been if our parents had done that for us??? (well at least it didn’t happen much in our house)

      Thankfully it is sooo easy to do, we just have to set our intention to make it happen!

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