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Can a Clean House Lift your spirits?

I am the first one to admit that I am not a domestic goddess.  There was a time when my kids were little, I was a full time housewife and mother.  I made bread and pasta from scratch even , so yummy.  But I was always awful with doing the dishes, it always took me until there were no more to get it done.  The kids grew up and I got a dish washer *thank goodness*.

I don’t know, if it because I am older now, or because the kids have all left home but I NEED the house to be clean.  It is like I can’t get anything else done until that is taken care of.  There is a vibe that just weights down my creativity.  It sucks!

Have you noticed how much more relaxed you feel when you come home to a tidy house?

While I still believe while your kids are little, the house doesn’t matter, spend your time loving on your kids while you still can. I know now there is also a time that you need to create a different environment, one that supports your personal growth, your journey to your inner self and allows room for new things to enter into your life.

You need to create space for this to happen!

To lift your spirits and create an environment of a sacred sanctuary try these ideas:

Your home may be a reflection of your mood. Not only does the state of your home influence your mood, but the inverse is also true, according to some mental health experts. Studies indicate that how you handle your possessions in your home is a reflection of what you believe about yourself and how you feel.

  • Consider this: if you’re calm and relaxed by nature, the arrangement, organization, and cleanliness of your home most likely presents serenity and peacefulness.
  • If you’re emotionally overwrought or plagued with anxiety or depression, your home may be cluttered, disorganized or in need of a good cleaning.
  • If you’re feeling down and find yourself with a home that’s not neat and clean, remember that when the home’s challenges are addressed, your emotional state may improve.

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The mood and tone of your home influence how you feel. The types of furnishings are less important than the level of cleanliness and a certain amount of order and organization.

  • Make small changes in your home that make you happy.
  • If you’ve had a hard day at work and return to a home that’s disorganized and needs a good cleaning, your spirits will lag. But if you return to a home that’s organized and clean, you’ll lift your spirits simply by walking in the door.

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To have a neater home, sort and store your possessions in an organized fashion. An organized home just means that you can find things when and where you need them. You don’t need a grand scheme to do this. Just store your keys near the door, your cooking utensils by the stove, and the kids’ toys near where they play.

  • Avoid getting overwhelmed by the task of organizing. Vow to organize just one room at a time.
  • You can even concentrate on one area of a room, like the desk or a corner that you find particularly troublesome.
  • You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel at home if you begin to tidy up in small ways.

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There are a couple of really great places to start:

Kitchen sink. Always end the day with a clean kitchen sink. All the dishes put away and sparkling clean.

Just one Drawer.  When you begin the task of creating more organization in your house, start with just one drawer.  Then move on to the next and the next.  It only needs to take 10 minutes at a time.  This way you are not overwhelmed by the process.

There are many small little steps that you can take to get started.  But remember your ultimate goal, create a neat, clean organized house so that every time you walk in to it, you are spirited is lifted with comfort and calmness.

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6 thoughts on “Can a Clean House Lift your spirits?

  1. I’m not obsessed with a clean and tidy home, but I find it difficult to settle down to work (I work from home) or relax if the room is messy or unclean.

    I love walking into a clean and tidy house, it lifts my spirits, whereas a messy or dirty house irritates and depresses me. Funnily enough, since my children left home a few weeks ago, my house has remained clean and tidy, for some strange reason 😉

    On the subject of having a messy house with children around, that reminds me of this lovely poem:

    I hope my children will look back on today
    And see a mother who had time to play.
    There will be years for cleaning and cooking
    But children grow up while we’re not looking.
    Dusting and scrubbing can wait ’till tomorrow
    For babies grow fast we learn to our sorrow.
    So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep
    I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.

  2. ‘When the homes challenges are addressed your emotional state will improve’.
    I certainly agree with this.
    Clearing clutter from your home is a great starting point in clearing the emotional clutter in life. It magically clears the way for new beginnings.

  3. I love a clean house. I cannot relax or be creative if the house is a mess. Ever since my children were little, our family spends Saturday mornings cleaning house. The children always had to clean their rooms. No phone, no friends, no activities until their room was done. They could take all day if they wished but most often they hustled to get it done so they could play. Now that they are grown and out of the house, my husband and I still keep the practice. This way no one person feels like the maid. The rest of the week we maintain and just pick up. I agree with clearing clutter – it opens my creativity as well.

  4. I completely agree, clutter really affects my mood and although I’m a huge advocate of personal organisation I’m not naturally organized. I struggle to keep things in order especially with three boys around the house. I think I might follow Dolly’s advice and outsource!

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