Can I write?

The danger of thinking you are a good writer… a professional, a literary professor or an editor/publisher telling you…. “stop while you are ahead”

The danger of never putting “pen to paper” or “clicking the keys of the keyboard”, you are depriving the world of your unique voice!

Do I have problems with spelling… yep!

Do I have problems with when to use “a” or “an” … definitely!

Do I use too many …. or :), yeah, you caught me.   opps!

But here is the thing…  if I was going to sit down to coffee with you and tell you a story or personal antidote, would I say the same thing as I am trying to write, YES, YES, YES!

My voice, my style, how I communicate is the same whether or not I am clicking the keys, teaching a class, having coffee with a friend or reminding my kids to close the door behind them. Rest assured I don’t put any effort into, in fact by making this decision I have made my life so much simpler.  I am don’t ever have to worry about” being in character”.

The Passion Diva, she is whole heartedly real, every person that I have ever meet in real life will vouch for me.  Everything I do is real, it is honest, it is authentic, it is bold, it is outstanding, it is me!

Can I write… maybe, maybe not.  Can I speak my true soulful voice?  Hell yes!  and I will never stop!

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