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Change is Good

I was having an email conversation with one of my Diva Sisters earlier this week … well I was complaining.  I was complaining that many of the people in my inner circle are “content”.

Content to me means the same thing as stale, common, mundane… honestly boring.

I know, it is my opinion, and if we are all learning to “live in the now” and “be grateful for all we have right at this moment”.  Why the heck am I complaining about it.

It is not something that I understand, is all.  I am guessing that it is me, my personality, my childhood issues, etc.

I don’t like boring!  I am COMPLETELY grateful for the wonderful people and things I have in my life!  I LOVE to take a morning, afternoon, entire day to spend time at the beach, in nature, watching the world go by.

I don’t like to add unnecessary drama and over the years I am a lot more conscious of the impact of my personal change has on the people around me.   But dammit, change is good.  Change is growth, change is learning, change is a kick in the ass when you really need it.

Change will make me and YOU a better person!

So get off you butt and do something… ANYTHING different!  for at least 1 week see how it feels!  You will be amazing at just how alive you feel!

Photo Credit: by Loca Luna

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