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Coach Yourself Exercise – Creating a Legacy

Do you ever think about what you want to leave behind when you are no longer here?

Can you hear your Soul calling you to do something that will live on after you have pass on to the next life?
Exercise Part #1

Here are some questions to help you clarify:

1. Think about how you want to be remembered. How would you like other people to describe you? What will others remember about you?
2. What do you want to be known for being and doing?
3. What type of contribution do you want to make? What has meaning to you? Do you want to contribute your knowledge? Your skills? Your money? Your passion for something in particular?

4. What does a “legacy” mean to you? What would it look like through your eyes?

5. What are three things you could right now that would start you on the path to creating your legacy?
I recommend finding some quiet time… and write out your answers with pen and paper.  There is magical vibes that flow from your when you put pen to paper.

Exercise Part #2

After you have written out your answers take some time to write your own obituary as if your life had already ended and you are describing to the world your accomplishments and life story.  It is really a very very clarifying experience.

I would love to hear how the exercise worked out for you.

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