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Coaching is growing up, how cool is that?

A few weeks ago I entered into a conversation about the plethora of TV shows, movies, etc where “life coaching” is center stage. Some take very satirical view of things, downright mocking, well really everything life coaching is. Others are just exploring the lighter side of life.

I had the chance to catch the new Canadian show “Hiccups”. Brent Butt, from Corner Gas fame, is the director and stars as the Life Coach. Brent’s wife and Corner Gas co-star Nancy Robertson as a children’s book author whose success is only matched by her instability. (read more at National Post ).  I laughed all the way through the show!

Anyways back to the conversation, my thoughts at the time, and still today…..  we take ourselves way to seriously!

For many years doctors, psychiatrist. lawyers have been handed the short end of the stick AND every one of those professionals was survived and thrived.  If “life coaches” as a profession can’t handle a few jokes thrown our way, we are in a sorry state of affairs!

I truly believe this shows that coaching has grown up and has now entered the main stream!  How cool is that?!?!

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