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Cold Water Laundry Savings

There are some times very basic easy to do or not do actions to both save money and reduce your impact on the earth.

1. Use less hot water.

That is pretty easy….

Step one – buy laundry soap specially made for good water use

Step Two – Set your washing machine to the temperature cold

That is it you are done!

According to the BC Hydro Website:

If you switch from hot to cold water and wash three loads of clothes per week, you could save as much as $27 per year. If you wash 80%, or four out of five loads, on cold/cold, you could cut two-thirds of a kilogram of greenhouse gas emissions per month.

Easy right!

You can even take it further by buying a new front load washing machine which uses 40% less water then a conventional washing machine.  Use eco-friendly soap, a pedal powered washing machine? yep get exercise and get your laundry done.

What can you do to change the habits of your laundry chores that will be quick and easy ways to make a big impact?

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