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Countdown to Triathlon 2010

You know what happens when you get one thing fixed… then another breaks.  So once the neck was fixed then my back and shoulder started to hurt.  Turned out I had a dislocated a rib in my back….ouch!  Chiro fixed it up and in a few days feeling better.   And then that time of the month hit, like a sludge hammer * sorry guys for time much info*

okay so they posted the courses… yikes… the bike course is the same as last year.  I was obviously blind though as I didn’t see you had to do TWO laps, dang!

Run course seems awesome though, it is all through the park down town. Pretty flat and I know the area well.

Here is what I got done!

Sunday – rest day

Monday – Rest, Ice and Meds

Tuesday – Rest, Ice and Meds & Chiro

Wednesday – Rest, Ice and Meds & Swimming lessons

Thursday – Rest, Ice and Meds

Friday – Rest, ice and Meds

Saturday – Rest, Ice and Meds

Things I learned this week:

  • Sometimes you just have to give in and sleep.

Goals for the Week Aug 1 – 7

Running – mon, wed & fri work on speed

Biking – 30 mins rides X3 during the week

Swimming – Every Morning at least 45 mins in the pool. It is all about the practice now!

Rinse repeat!

I am on vacation this week so I am hoping to get over and test out the bike course and get some time in the lake.

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