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Countdown to Triathlon 2010

Wow, only 14 days left….I am happy to be back up to 100%.  working on picking up the last minute stuff.  I am quite surprised at how much this has actually cost me, and I didn’t even buy a new bike 🙂

Here is what I got done!

Sunday – rest day

Monday – Bike – 45 mins, hill work

Tuesday – Swim – 45 mins drills – 500 M

Wednesday – Swim – 45 mins drills – 1000 M

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – Run/walk – 55 mins – 5km

Saturday – Run/walk – 45 mins

Things I learned this week:

  • Sometimes you just have to give in and sleep.

Goals for the Week Aug 8-14

Running – mon, wed & fri work on speed

Biking – 30 mins rides X3 during the week

Swimming – Every Morning at least 45 mins at the lake.

One last big push this week to work on increasing my speed and then steady work next week so that I am not too tired come Sunday.

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