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Countdown to Triathlon 2010 -DNF

Normal Day at the beach


Yep you read right, it was a DNF (did not finish)

When I got the bright idea to do a triathlon last October, I was coming into it with a strong cycling foundation.  No running and no swimming, so I started with training the running.  I wasn’t until March that I started even going to the pool and it wasn’t until June when I started swimming lessons.  My last lesson was the same week as the race. 🙂

So definitely my swim was my weakest link.  I had practiced for 2 weeks in the lake, early morning to get used to the temperature.

There was NO way I was prepared for the weather we ended up with on race day.  The wind and the waves was stronger than I was THIS year.

I look back on the experience and I knew that I was barely ready to finish in perfect conditions.  But I learned a ton and faced many “first time” steps.  Just walking up to the table and registering was a HUGE thing.  Hearing the horn blow and walking into the water was a HUGE thing.

So next year when I do it again, I will have only have to worry about getting across the finish line as everything else will be old hat!

Plans are already started for the training schedule for next year, I am excited about improving my skills and kicking ass next year!

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