Countdown to Triathlon 2010

Another GREAT week and if I keep saying that I am sure it will be true!  🙂

okay it has been good, a few sore muscles but doing well!

Here is what I got done!

Sunday – 50 min bike ride

Monday – 30 min run – 3km is 30 mins – fastest I have gone!

Tuesday – 40 min bike ride

Wednesday – 60 min Swimming class – new coach kicked my butt with drills

Thursday – recovering from bad leg cramps – not enough water or minerals

Friday – 51 min walk/run – up the distance to 5km

Saturday – rest day

Things I learned this week:

  • pay more attention to my water and supplements to avoid muscle cramps
  • get to bed on time to keep my energy high
  • swimming is hard work 🙂  but fun!

Goals for the Week July 4 – 10

Figure out how to get all the workouts in!

Running – mon, wed, fri – try to cut 3 mins off my time (47 mins 5km)

Biking – Sunday Casorso Rd Hills – 30 mins rides X3 during the week

Swimming – Tues, Wed, Thur – 45 mins – 400-500 m in drills

Need to research and find out if there are any disqualification times for the age groupers.  So far everything is going according to plan and I am still hoping to do it again next June 🙂

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