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Crank up your Social Proof with Facebook “Like” and “Share” Buttons

Add Facebook like buttons to you Pages.

Step 1

Jump over to Facebook’s  Button Page

Step 2

Set all the options you would like.  The page will show you how they’ll look on the fly as you make changes.

Step 3
Copy the code Facebook provides.


Step 4

Paste the code into your web pages or post, really any where you want to have the like button.


I know… I can hear you saying it already “I have to do this on EVERY PAGE AND POST?”

Yes, … but if you have a WordPress Blog there is a much easier way. Check out this video! The best viewing is at full screen!



See that was pretty easy, you could even do it yourself! If you already have a web person, they can help you or you check out the WordPress Services we have here


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