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David Damron – PROJECT M-31

PROJECT M-31: Simplify Your Life in 31 Days

Here at The Minimalist Path, a frequent challenge for many readers has been the direct guidance at creating a lifestyle that simplifies the current status of one’s life while building a maintainable minimalist approach.

* PROBLEM: There is a lack of guidance as to produce results quickly and easily
* SOLUTION: Break down the problem into small pieces that can be successfully achieved daily. Through the action steps and advice provided in PROJECT M-31, you will develop habits of simplifying your daily life so that you can address the greater lifestyle issues of clutter and chaos.

PROJECT M-31 is your guide to developing a simplistic lifestyle that allows you to finally do the things you love. This is an action plan to get you where you want to be.

PROJECT M-31 will lead you down a month long path that goes step-by-step through YOUR life through simplifying practices.

What to expect & What you will get by purchasing PROJECT M-31…

* IMMEDIATE ACCESS to 66 pages, 10,000+ words of straight-forward guidance
* Day by Day guide to simplifying your life
* A scheduled Task Time on each day to maintain a manageable lifestyle
* Simple Steps that are easy-to-follow and to the point
* Challenging yet Achievable Goals

What are some of the areas discussed in PROJECT M-31…

* EVERY major part of chaos in your life will be addressed
* Simple Tips that many of my readers at TMP have told me worked for them
* A ‘How-To‘ approach from the start that doesn’t lead to confusion or lack of focus

What you will be able to do once you accomplish the action steps in PROJECT M-31…

* Live a simpler life
* Have more time to enjoy the people, places, and things you love
* Regain control of your life

I hope you all take this opportunity to enjoy PROJECT M-31 and make significant progress at simplifying your life today.

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