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David Damron – Simple. Minimalist. Life.

Simple. Minimalist. Life. was built to help change one’s mindset so that, not only would you be focusing on a specific task at hand, but you would be changing your way of life for the better. This project was purposely broken down into into Simple, Minimalist, and Life via periods as seen in the title.

The reason is that the goal is to help you attain a simple minimalist life, but instead of focusing on the entire concept, we focus on the parts.

Simple: Simplicity allows one to focus on a specific life aspect at a time. This process eliminates the unnecessary and maximize attention on the necessary.

Minimalist: Reducing stuff is amazing. However, following a minimalist mindset is much more than physical possessions. A minimalist mindset reduces chaos.

Life: Everything that we do effects our life in a positive or negative way. Placing attention on these thoughts and actions will propel one towards the desired life.

Simple. Minimalist. Life. & its accompanying eBooks will help you not just clean out the closet, but free you from the constraints of chaos. We are overwhelmed by a world that doesn’t accept the opportunities that simplicity affords us. Through these eBooks, you will begin to see how much more enjoyable life can be through the powers of simplicity.

In the primary eBook Simple. Minimalist. Life., you will begin developing a mindset that opens your mind to the possibilities through the expressed simplifying principles.

Now, I couldn’t get everything into 1 ebook to suddenly give you a simple life. So what I have done is create a 3 step plan to living the life of your dreams. Getting your Mindset right is step 1. Get this right and the rest is just some doing…  Click Here to read more