Day 1 with your WordPress Website

Your web designer has just handed over your brand new shinny website.

Now what do you do?

Easy you start writing!

Sure there are lots of things you could do, there is a lot of tweaking that would be fun.  The important thing, the most important thing is to getting your message out to the world.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Log into your website, Head over to http://www.yourname.com/wordpress/wp-admin

Wordpress Login Screen


Step 2: At the top of the screen on the menu bar, Click New and then Post

New post

Step 3:  Add a Great title and some Awesome Content. We get fancy with the fonts and formatting later, for right now, lets go with easy.

Great Title

Step 4: Publish your work.  Just Click the Publish button on the right side.


Step 5:  Flip over to your main page and view your handy work.

Main Content


Perfect, now do it again and again!  You are officially a blogger with an amazing WordPress Site.

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